About Diana Reyers

Professional Head Shot 2 2016

Diana Reyers is an Authentic Leader. Her daily goal is to show up in the world leading from her best self, and consciously make decisions, whether big or small, inline with her values and beliefs. From moment to moment, Diana takes the time to slow down and reflect upon what her next move will be; this can sometimes takes a few days, while other times, only a few seconds.

Diana’s next mandate in life is to inspire you to discover, articulate and lead life in line with your top core values. She will encourage you to use your values as guideposts when you feel the need to gain clarity about a decision within an uncomfortable experience.

She believes that intuition is a mirror of your values, and in trusting it, you will always be true to yourself. She encourages you to pay attention to how you feel from moment to moment, and to use each emotion as a compass that tells you when something is right or when something is wrong in your world. Your number one red flag is the feeling of self-deception; the tradeoffs to agreeing to it are endless . Your Inner Purpose Feeling™, the feeling you want to feel every day, is a reflection of your values and beliefs. Once clarified, it will be your key guide and inspiration.

For years, Diana has been inspiring others to seek and find clarity about their values, who they are as their best self, and what their Inner Purpose Feeling™ is in order to, purposefully, lead their life void of self-deception and full of truth. Within her coaching business, Diana enjoyed 5 years as a Certified Authentic Leadership Conversation™ Facilitator, accredited by Authentic Leadership Global™, and dedicated a year as an Associate with Authentic Leadership Global™. Before becoming an Authenticity Coach, Diana dedicated 10 years to the fitness industry and 20 years as a successful entrepreneur.

As a speaker and writer, Daringly Mindful™ Diana shares her story of having the courage to choose a life of personal truth over a lifetime of other’s expectations, disclosing all the tradeoffs along the way. She celebrates her successes and, unapologetically, includes her mistakes, failures, and imperfections.

Creating her book From There To Here™ in collaboration with 20 writers sharing their Authentic Road Trips™, Diana offers her audience the opportunity to relate to ordinary people who have experienced and survived every-day, extraordinary adversities by committing to their truth and what feels right for them. They have sacrificed much and gained even more by confidently finding and following their unique path. Diana’s intention is that each story inspires the reader to find their way through the speed of life with clarity, peace and ease, and to know that they are not alone on their journey From There To Here, wherever that may be.

“I know that each of us has the ability to show up in the world in a way that reflects what we, as individuals, truly value and feel, in order to live with clarity, peace and ease”
~Diana Reyers