About Diana Reyers & Daring to Share™

Diana Reyers is an Authentic Leader. Her daily intention is to show up in the world as her best self, consciously make decisions, big or small, inline with her values and beliefs. From one moment to the next, Diana takes the time to slow down to reflect upon and find clarity about what her next move will be, how she will respond to others and to her own thoughts and emotions; this can sometimes take a few days, while in other instances, only a few seconds. She has experienced many u-turns along the way, but they have all been part of her Authentic Road Trip™ and she is grateful for the lessons that have encouraged her to move forward.

Diana believes she is no one special, simply an equal amongst humanity. She knows that committing to authenticity can be a struggle and one that requires great courage. Diana is guided by love, but has felt shut down by hate many times. Her greatest victory is that she persevered past the hate and chose the love in order to escape the wrath of self-deception, a hole so deep and dark that she often felt she would never escape it’s imprisonment.

As a speaker and writer, Daringly Mindful™ Diana shares her story of having the courage to choose personal truth over a lifetime of other’s expectations, disclosing all the tradeoffs along the way. She celebrates her successes and, unapologetically, includes her mistakes, failures, and imperfections.

In her upcoming book, Diana dares to share her From There to Here™, along with a collection of empowering stories written in collaboration with a tribe of ordinary people who chose to find the courage to commit to their authentic selves

Creating this book, Daring to Share™ in collaboration with other writers sharing their Authentic Road Trips™, Diana offers her audience the opportunity to relate to ordinary people who have experienced and survived every-day, extraordinary journeys by committing to their truth and what feels right for them. They sacrificed much and gained even more by confidently finding and following their unique path. Diana’s intention is that each story inspires the reader to find their way through the speed of life with clarity, peace and ease, and to know that they are not alone on their journey From There To Here™, wherever that may be.

Diana’s mandate is to connect humanity one story at a time through her first book in a series of Daring to Share™ due Spring 2018


“I know that each of us has the ability to show up in the world in a way that reflects what we, as individuals, truly value and feel, in order to live with
clarity, peace and ease”

~Diana Reyers