Being Open To Change Will Take You To Where You Need To Be

Fall Olivia

The changing of the seasons is once again upon us, and with it comes wonderful transformations. We often don’t realize the shifts that surround and are presented to us because we are fearful of what may surface if we acknowledge them. Being open to allowing change to show up is the key to moving forward in our lives, in our careers, and in our personal growth.

I was always open to changing things up when it came to what I was doing; it was being open to shifting my personal way of showing up that presented a great challenge for me. Being outwardly brave, yet inwardly afraid, created emotional conflict as I did what I felt was presented as favourable and ignored how I felt. At the time, I coped by keeping my true identity small and hidden and did what I thought was expected in order to feel valued. I have learned that having the courage to move out of the perceived judgemental box and presenting myself as I truly feel is, ultimately, a more comfortable and authentic way of being.

This was reinterated recently when I recognised that it was time to move my business into its next phase. I have been here before and waivered but, this time I was ready and mustered up the courage to listen to what appeared. The wave had presented itself, and I needed to jump into it and allow it to lead me to where it was heading. The experience was different this time because the motivation wasn’t about the money. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t want or need money; I have simply learned that when I choose the driving force as money, I am never guided in the direction that is right for me. And, alternately, if I follow what feels right for me, the money that I need eventually and always arrives. It’s like magic but, not really!!
I will admit that making my own choices and not listening to what I think I ‘should’ do is scary. It is a very different way of being from the pattern that was modeled for me and that I followed for most of my life. However, changing it up by choosing the route that allows me to make a difference while expressing my unique self has a more natural flow, and provides me with peace and ease.

Thus, a little yet, big shift. For 3 years I labeled myself as a ‘Life Coach’, and I boxed myself into this place where I could gratefully practice what I had to offer. But, something tiny that I wasn’t yet aware of, wasn’t right. It served me well as I supported others to find and comfortably move towards their own unique way of being. However, there was always something that needed to shift, a little something that needed to change in order for it all to feel right. I was open for it to come to me. I waited patiently for whatever it was, and I woke every day open to the idea that I knew would eventually arrive. And, of course, it did.
‘Authenticity Coach’; a small and subtle change in my title that really fit well with my role, and that was all. It was a shift from what I had designated myself as, and yet, I was still doing what I had done before. The difference is that I am now showing up in my own way and it feels more comfortable; it is a good fit for me. I am not hiding behind something that someone else created and that I adapted myself into. I gathered the courage to make the change to move ahead with something whose time has come and needs to be shared and presented in it’s true form.

Since this shift in mindset, I have found more clarity in what I am offering and how I present it. There is endless freedom and no boundaries on the how, when and where. I have decided to delve into the natural transition that presents itself, and consciously see when it comes to me, and trust that it is right and will serve me well. The change of seasons is here, but let’s not turn our backs on being open to our own transformation and natural evolution. All that feels right, is right.

wishing you a day of ease, diana

#change #authenticity #leadauthentic #mindfulmentor

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