Mindful Mentoring™ Creates a Wave of Effectiveness

fall 2013 olivia This is my Mindful Mentor as she took time out of her weekend and asked me to go apple picking with her xoxo

One of my top core values is ‘Effectiveness’. It has everything to do with the work I do but, it does not stop there as I consciously incorporate it into the rest of my life with as much consistency as possible. Effectiveness for me is the choice to slow down and gain clarity about the right thing to do and say in any given situation. My intent is always focused on moving towards my best self most of the time. When I do this, the outcome is also naturally ‘right’ for others as it affects all involved in a positive way.

So what is the definition of the ‘right thing to do’, and how do we know when we are moving towards our best self?

For me, the right thing to do starts with recognizing how my behaviour and how I communicate will impact me, but more importantly, how my actions and my voice affects other people as well. Without thinking about it, we often feel that we need to tell others what to do or how to be in order for them to do the right thing. Although we believe our intentions are filled with love for the other person, if we are not mindful, we may actually be telling them what we, ourselves, think is the right thing to do for us, rather than taking the time to think about what is actually right for them. Our ego presents itself and takes control.

In order for any of us to do the right thing, we need to take everyone’s needs and wants into consideration, including our own. We need to slow our racing minds and look up and be aware of what is going on around us and surrounding all that we do, and then make our choices. This is leading life from your Authentic self and it is how we become Mindful Mentors™; people who consistently use their intuition and integrity to guide them in clear decision making.

When the Mindful Mentoring™ women’s group http://bit.ly/1aEFw7Z was formed by Tracey Greenwood and me, our intention was to bring a group of women together who were already mentoring in an authentic way. We wanted to inspire them to continue consciously moving the ripple effect forward and to thus, be ‘effective’ by doing the right thing for themselves and others in the way they showed up in the world. Many of these wonderful women were surprised they had been chosen for our pilot project as they did not feel worthy of such a title. Today’s society is very focused on all the things we do wrong, rather than, on what we do right. Many of us are showing up in wonderful and kind ways, and this is what we need to pay attention to. If we look up and really see and then slow down and experience the goodness in the world, it is what we will want and create more of.

It is imperative that we become aware of our positive effect on others if our wish is to live in a world of peace and loving kindness. We need to notice how the things we do, big or small, affect those we are close to, as well as, strangers on the street, and then globally. We do not necessarily have to fulfill large acts of kindness or buy things for others; instead, start with a smile or a kind gesture that takes less than 5 seconds. This is how Mindful Mentoring™ begins. It is taking the time to do one little thing a day to create a wave that could possibly go on forever. Are you a Mindful Mentor™?

This video could be an advertisement for Mindful Mentoring™ so, if you’re still not sure, this will clarify how the way you show up creates a ripple of effectiveness http://bit.ly/1f89HX5 (found @ www.corpfa.com)

If you would like to participate in the Mindful Mentoring™ Women’s Group, go to http://bit.ly/1aEFw7Z

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