A Goal Feels Meaningless Without The Intention That Drives It To Fruition

Cockapoo brindle female
Little Miss Lucy

I mentioned in my last post that I am in the process of working through my Authentic Purpose Plan™, and part of that process involves determining what goals I would like to fulfill over the next 6 months, a year, or longer. Goal setting used to be a tedious and meaningless chore for me because I used to tackle it by thinking only of what I needed to get done within a certain time period. This is, of course, a key part of fulfilling a goal but, I find there isn’t much value in this kind of achievement if I haven’t gained clarity as to why I want to accomplish what I am trying to move towards. As a result, when I am goal setting, I break it down a bit and first establish what emotion I will be fulfilling and then what my intention is.

Some might think that it’s kind of a backward way of discovering what I want to eventually achieve because I don’t start with what I need to do but rather, with how I want to eventually feel. However, it makes perfect sense when I realize that, in the end, it is all about the feeling that I achieve within what I am doing that is my ultimate goal. And so, when I sat down to determine my first goal, I began at the end with my the feeling I wanted to achieve, and then moved backwards step by step:

Step 1. I reflected on what feeling was the most important to me or, “If I could feel anything every day for the rest of my life, what would that feeling be?” The answer came to me very quickly, “Love”; to love and be loved by others. This now became my Inner Purpose Feeling™, or the feeling that I wanted to ultimately experience once I achieved my goal.

Step 2. From my IPF of “Love”, I needed an intention or, the reason I wanted that feeling every day. It was easy to come up with this intention because I know that, for me, love is all about being connected to others and the world around me. So, my intention became, “Make space for Connections”.

Step 3. Steps 1 and 2 brought me to establishing one of my goals; clarifying my ultimate feeling and my intention allowed me to determine what I needed to do in order to feel “Love” and “Make space for Connections”. And that is how little Miss Lucy came into my life because we are connected through the unconditional love that we provide each other every day. Finding her became my goal.

When we take on the task of trying to establish what we want to achieve in our life, whether it is that day, that month or that year, goals feel meaningless without the intention that drives them to fruition. If we are able to discover how we want to feel most of the time and what we want to achieve from that feeling, we can clarify what we need and want to do in order to fulfill our goals with decisiveness and ease.

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