Connecting Is The Key To Effective Collaboration


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I have recently been seeking individuals in the coaching world who would be interested in collaborating with me on a new program we will jointly offer in the new year. Finding the right people can be a tricky thing. I like to go with my gut feeling when contemplating working with others but, I also need to add logic in order to feel decisive about who I feel comfortable working alongside. I decided that I was looking for 3 attributes:

1. Coaches who are of like mind and knowledge in order for the program to maintain consistency in mandate, content and value;

2. People who agree to work with others for the shear pleasure of experiencing co-creation;

3. Individuals who are interested in making a difference in our community and in the world.

Before discussing the program with anyone, I knew that I needed personal clarification about what the other professionals would be expecting before I approached them with my idea. I thought that the hook of collaboration was the key, and that using the word ‘collaborate’ would send the message that encompassed the 3 points above. Before I started my search, I wanted to  make sure that  my perception of collaborating would be the same as others’. I looked up the word, ‘collaborate’, and I’m glad I did because if I used the definition I found as my only recruiting guidepost, I would have been led astray.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Collaboration as:

“to participate or assist in a joint effort to accomplish an end”

Hummmm, I guess that is part of it, and if someone else’s perception of collaboration entailed only that, what they had to offer would definitely not be enough for me because it only encompassed the first attribute above. It is so much more than just working together to meet an end result. This particular definition is all about the ‘doing’ and lacks any sort of ‘feeling’. I needed something else to throw in my pitch so that the other person would understand what I was looking for; what we wanted to accomplish, along with what the personal feeling the experience would provide each and both of us, as well as, our potential clients.

You see, when I think of ‘collaborating’ with someone, I am seeking a connection with them, and this changes the endeavour from a ‘need to do’ into a ‘want to do’; point 2. The initiative is about enjoying a project and being present in developing a larger offering to our clients; point 3. If the program is successful and we are sustainable, that becomes a nice little bonus.

It’s not just about getting something done and making money; it is about the joy that we achieve together while co-creating. By inviting the people with the same vision, the mandate transforms naturally into making connections, experiencing camaraderie and making a difference in the world; my ultimate definition of collaboration.

What does collaboration mean to you?

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