Dare To Feel, Think and Speak in 2014

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My fingers rested on the keyboard of my computer for a very long time as I thought about what topic I wanted to address in the first Daringly Mindful blog post of 2014. I came up with a few traditional ideas;

1. I contemplated offering how I feel about ‘resolutions’, but I have done that before.
Side note: without mindfulness, resolutions are unsustainable.

2. Next, I began to create the top 10 things I feel we need to do in order to be happy in the upcoming year, but we have enough of those lists to last a lifetime.
Another side note: it’s easy to read and agree with things we ‘should’ do, but it takes mindfulness to find the tools necessary to get to all those wondrous ways of being, and how do we know they are right for us?.

3. Lastly, I thought about sharing a magnificent quote that would enlighten and move us towards happiness and all that we desire.
Last side note: reading a great quote triggers inspiration, but it is a very itty bitty piece of getting to know how you want to get to where you want to be; it takes mindfulness to translate each affirmation into being your ‘positive’, ‘true’, ‘real’, and ‘authentic’ self.

From all of that, I realized that I would be writing about mindfulness once again. This makes perfect sense as I live and breathe leading from a mindful place, and I don’t know any other way of being anymore. I understand that it can be a daunting subject for those who haven’t tasted its unique nectar, and that it can be equally fearful to even think about sticking your toe into that vat of honey without knowing whether it will taste bitter or sweet. I know this because I was that person at one time. Being acutely aware and having clarity about where I was heading and what I wanted was something that I subconsciously yearned for, but didn’t know how to get to. It took something extraordinarily significant and traumatic to push me into the sticky and uncomfortable muck of feeling, thinking and speaking my truth. Years of manifesting stress created by not listening to my heart or leading from my soul moved me into ill health and, eventually, a desperation for showing up in a different way. Gratitude comes from knowing that this pushed me into re-writing my life story and understanding that it was never meant to be easy or taste bitter or sweet but rather, be uncomfortable some of the time and provide a surprisingly great taste mix of bittersweet. Acceptance is a wonderful thing.

There is a mindset that we need to experience great adversity, as I did, before gaining the decisiveness that comes from wisdom and clarity. When we agree with this, we choose to ignore our instincts and wait for trauma to move us to who we are meant to be, rather than choosing to shift when we feel the want and need to. My experiences gave me a jump-start to the road to my reality, but it occurred decades after my intuition spoke to me. No one needs to choose this pattern.  Sometimes, we just need to Dare To Feel, Dare To Think and then Dare To Speak at a much earlier time in our life than we are programmed and conditioned to by society and our environment. Courage is a gift we give ourselves.

In keeping with tradition, here is a resolution I practice all year round, 1 tip to happiness, and a fabulously inspiring quote for 2014;

1. Resolution: I will continue to practice LovingKindness for myself and others; from this, everything else will fall where and how it is meant to;

2. Happiness Tip: Dare To Feel, Dare To Think, Dare To Speak;

3. Inspiring Quote:“The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness. Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.” ― Jon Kabat-Zinn
Mindfulness inspires worthiness.

As always, wishing you ease as you move through 2014,
diana xo

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