Moving From the Uncertainty of Crazy Towards the Stability of Clarity

Stoic Buddha

Meditation Buddha

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Being alone for the month of January, 19 days and counting, is moving me towards great shifts and accomplishments that have been in the works for a very long time. Important things that have been on the back burner are finally being paid attention to. Life changing decisions are being made and difficult conversations are being brought forth. There has been much reflection on my part, and some days are spent in my pyjamas in front of my computer for hours with numerous cups of tea as I write, and write and write some more. The words jump off of the tips of my fingers, and I can barely tear myself away from the endless number of thoughts that overlap one another. It can become chaotic at times inside this overflowing creative mind of mine. I think that at times a wee element of craziness creeps in, and it is then that I remind myself to slow down and take a break in order to put each thought in it’s rightful place.

It is during these moments of bringing ease to the chaos that I consciously sit and gaze at my meditation Buddha who signifies inner wisdom, emotional balance and clarity. When perched on my stool in front of him, our eyes are level with each other’s, and after a few moments I follow his lead and gently close mine. After a few moments of steady breathing, calm and peace ensue, and all of those darting thoughts begin to line up in a sequence that makes perfect sense to me. The energy shifts and I am ready to return to the other stool that sits in front of my computer with the story that is finally being written and has been waiting to be told for far too long.

I have learned that the mind is a very tricky thing. It can perceive situations that were never intended, and it can believe  things that never occurred. It can translate thoughts into actions that do not align, and turn actions into thoughts that manifest harmony or complete destruction. If left to it’s own devices, it will randomly go from one end of the love-hate spectrum to the other. Without practicing acute awareness, it seems to have difficulty meeting at that place we call the ‘happy medium’. This lovely point can only really be landed upon if we take the time during our own individual chaotic moments to slow everything down and sit in solitude in front of whatever allows us to slowly ease into the quiet energy of what really  makes sense to us.

When I jump head first into a rampage of chaotic thinking, there are a few things that I remind myself when I am suddenly caught in the vortex of the crazy side of my brain;

1.  Society has created a perception that ‘crazy’ is abnormal and that only some go to that state of being. I sometimes think, “I must be nuts!” But, we really all go there, and feeling a little bit crazy is very normal;

2. That craziness I sometimes feel is a message that I am overwhelmed with unclear thoughts, and something needs to shift in order for me to find clarity;

3. The only way to shift my chaotic thoughts into some kind of order requires slowing those thoughts down so that they find a natural order on their own, rather than me trying to control and manipulate them.

4. And finally, when I get caught in the uncomfortableness of the crazies, I remind myself that recognizing and managing them is the only way to get beyond them. And what lies beyond the crazies is the ease and peace of what is real for me.

During chaos or not, we are all human, and life is fast and furious. Taking a quiet moment every now and again is not going to change the pace of the world around you but, it will shift your racing thoughts and move you away from the uncertainty of crazy to the stability of clarity.

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