Did You Eat Today?

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I recently discovered a new lifestyle eating program which is not far off from my regular clean eating regime. It is one that I will surely recommend to my clients and with their doctor’s permission. The author of The Fast Metabolism Diet, Dr. Haylie Pomroy, advocates eating all foods that are derived from natural sources, and are certified organic. Sound familiar? Nothing new? Well, there is a little twist; every 2 to 3 days, you switch up types of fruits, vegetables, proteins and sprouted grains, and you eat each type on specific days within a 7 day cycle which is repeated.

My initial reaction was that this sounds like just another fad diet that deprives us of certain foods but, it is the exact opposite. Dr. Pomroy defines D.I.E.T as “Did I Eat Today?” You actually eat a lot of food but, it is the what and when that makes the difference. There is science behind the concept of drastically switching up the foods every 2 to 3 days in that you end up tricking your metabolism into speeding it up. Your body just gets comfortable eating lots of fruit and lean protein for 2 days when you suddenly switch it up and eat veggies and different sources of protein. 2 days later, when your body has adapted to this change, you change it all up again and shift to healthy fats, different sources of protein and different veggies again.

There are some foods that are eliminated in this 28 day food plan but, they are not worth eating as they either, do not add any nutritional value or, they can cause health issues:

  • no dairy except eggs
  • no soy products
  • no corn
  • no wheat
  • no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • no caffeine
  • no alcohol
  • no dried fruit or fruit juices
  • no “fat-free” foods

The great part of this plan is that it also advocates positive foundational practices including eating often and movement or exercise without going to extremes:

    • you must eat 5 times a day
    • you must eat every 3 to 4 hours except when sleeping
    • you must eat within 30 minutes of waking
    • you must drink half your body weight in water every day
    • you must eat organic as much as possible
    • foods must be nitrate free
    • you must move/exercise every day but, nothing crazy

The cook book offers recipes that are easy and delicious. This in itself is a clean and healthy way of eating, and you will likely loose weight if you have been caught up in a pattern of not eating as well as you would like to. I personally have a huge aversion to anything with the word “diet” in it but, I am an advocate of this well balanced and well thought out food and lifestyle plan.

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