Recap of Lesson 1 of Part 2: Brene Brown’s Gifts of Imperfection

There was more creative work than I expected for the first week of Brene Brown’s eCourse. But, I am not complaining as I enjoyed every minute of it. Thankfully, I made the time space that I needed in order to be at ease and present to be able to experience each task and creation. By being ‘at ease’, I mean that I had set aside blocks of time so that I could, not just get it done but, take the time to absorb whatever came up for me during the creating process. By being ‘present’, I mean that because I chose to move everything else off of my schedule, I did not have any distractions or ‘shoulds’ that might tempt me to move away from this project.

My Creative Space

My Creative Space

The first task was to make a simple affirmation on a sign, “I Am A Creative Being”. As I wrote the phrase, I began reflecting on what inspires my creativity, and I realized that it is sparked by connectedness; connections with family, friends and the universe as a whole. I glanced around my office and saw the little basket filled with cards received from all the wonderful people in my life. I knew that I needed to incorporate them in my sign because these were the individuals who continue to support my creative self. And so, with the help of a piece of canvas and the cards, my sign was born; it rests on my desk, propped up against the wall;

I Am A Creative Being

I Am A Creative Being

The next task was to draw my self portrait with crayons. I didn’t have any so, I used my acrylic coloured pencils. This process was a little more difficult as it brought me back to a memory of the last self portrait I did in high school. I didn’t like it because I was self conscious of my long nose, little eyes and high forehead. I thought I was ugly back then because I compared myself to all the girls who looked like society’s standard of a pretty girl, and I knew I wasn’t that. Ironically, as time went on, it is my looks that I am most praised for, yet value the least. I recognize that my beauty shines through the love in those sparkly eyes and I see character in that nose; my forehead is filled with the lines of someone who has since learned how to be true to who she is. There was no shame this time as I am clear about what characterizes my unique beauty and how I choose to define it.
This one is for my daughter who resembles me but, is her own unique and beautiful self;

Self Portrait of a Creative Being

Along with the self portrait, I was asked to describe my values. This was easy because this is the first step within my coaching process. Values serve as guide posts in daily decision making; they are one of the key tools we use to lead from our authentic selves;

My Values, My Guide Posts

The next piece of lesson 1 was a collection of permission slips. I gave myself permission to do whatever I needed to provide me with an environment and way of being that would inspire and support free flow thinking, more right brain motivation and creative inspiration;

I Give Myself Permission To

And finally, I was asked to expose my ‘Inner Critic’ messages that sabotage my creative motivation. That was not difficult; I came up with 26 in no time!! I did have to dig deep in order to find the ‘True Self’ messages that oppose each ‘Inner Critic’ message that scream at me every day. I know that the only way to do this is to be mindful of when they creep up and then slow down to reflect on where those self sabotaging messages come from. Not to place blame anyone but, to understand and then disagree with them. Once I choose not to commit to them, I can easily create my truth;

Healing The Art Scars

Healing The Art Scars

All in all, this was an amazing start to part 2 of Brene’s course; some lessons learned, many reiterated and my creative heart is pumping with passion and pleasure. Now time to move away from the art table as all good things need a little rest as well xoxo

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