Recap: Part 2, Lesson 2, Cultivating Play and Rest

This Lesson came at just the right time as I recently committed wholeheartedly to an authentic life. I have spent years believing that I was already in line with my truth but, there was still something missing. The void was always that one foundational practice that most of us place on the sidelines; the joy of PLAY;


Dr. Stuart Brown's Properties of Play - my interpretation

Dr. Stuart Brown’s Properties of Play – my interpretation

This exercise was impactful for me as I recently committed to adding more play in my life. Not just more play time, but play within even the most mundane of daily tasks. I am finding that I can experience joy during the routine of my day.

My Play List

My Play List

I call these my ‘feel goods’ because they take me to a place of peace. When I am not aligned with this feeling, I slow down and think about what I need to do to move toward it. It is then that I am able to be decisive about what my path is in that moment.

Joy and Meaning List

Joy and Meaning List

I feel connected when I am experiencing very simple things. I used to search for something big to fulfill this feeling of being connected, but I have discovered that it appears around every corner of my daily life; I just have to be willing to slow down and see each opportunity in order to jump into it.

Thank you Brene Brown for bringing me even more clarity!!!

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