Recap: Part 2, Lesson 3, Cultivating Calm and Stillness

I have battled the yearning for calm and stillness most of my life. I was always praised for my energy and ability to entertain and always be ‘on’. What I have learned is that, at my best, I am not that chaotic person that always needs to be in charge and in constant motion; I just thought I did because it’s what I equated love with. I realize now that when I was in that mode, I reacted as someone I don’t even know anymore. By listening to my intuitive self, physical, emotional, and spiritual, I am able to incorporate my thinking to come up with how I truly want to show up – as a calm individual who moves towards peace and ease; someone who is more authentically responsive.

Silent Practice

Silent Practice

I was initially drawn to this image years ago as this woman seems to be intentionally taking time out of her day to slow her mind and body. She has learned that she is responsible for her calm and serenity. I see a sense of deserving and choiceful peace in the stories that appear in the lines of her face xo

My Guideposts Toward Calm and Stillness

My Guideposts Toward Calm and Stillness

My Guideposts Toward Calm and Stillness are:

  • All of my Foundational Practices including:
  1. Food and Nutrition
  2. Movement or Exercise
  3. Sleep and Rest
  4. Fun
  • Being aware of my physical clues to chaos
  • Being aware of my emotional clues to chaos
  • Being awake to the need to slow and shift
  • Setting boundaries in order to shift toward calm
  • Moving from a place of Loving Kindness for my self and others
  • Making decisions that create ease for all

My Map of Calm goes something like this:

  1. Breathe and listen to my physical and emotional clues;
  2. Don’t speak and slow down my thinking;
  3. Interpret my thinking in order to find clarity;
  4. Determine whether my thoughts are from my true self or from my inner critic;
  5. Manage my response according to my clarity and in line with my values;
  6. Place boundaries around my chaos with love in order to achieve ease and calm

For me calm and stillness doesn’t necessarily come from where I am or what is going on around me but rather, from how I show up and respond to the people and environment surrounding me. It is the practice of mindfulness that allows me to consciously use my guideposts and follow my map towards calm most of the time.

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