Recap: Part 2, Lesson 4, Your SuperPower & Your Kryptonite

This week’s lesson with Brene Brown took me a few days to get my head around. The assignment had 2 parts; to determine my SuperPower or one thing I do well, and then my Kryptonite or the thing that stops me from using that SuperPower in order to move towards purpose or meaning in my life.  In my world as a life coach, choosing to practice my SuperPower would take me to my best self, while allowing my Kryptonite to control me would take me to my worst self. My SuperPower would be defined as my Authentic self, and my Kryptonite would be my Inner Critic.

As an authentic lifestyle coach, I have a better perspective about what empowers others to move towards their best self and what blocks them from moving towards their purpose, than I do for myself. The reason is because I am not emotionally attached to my clients’ demons so, I am not fearful of them. When I have to face my own gremlins, they have history and meaning, and that can become scary. When you are not fearful of something, it is much easier to use your SuperPower in order to see the forest for the trees and gain clarity about how to move around them. When you choose fear, you let your Kryptonite lead you to the chaos of all those trees, and you cannot find your way out of the forest.

My SuperPower

My SuperPower

My SuperPower or something that I feel I do well is ‘Connecting’. It is an attribute that I do naturally and with genuine consistency, something that comes with ease and that is inspired by LovingKindness. Whether I am connecting with a person, nature or the universe itself, the energy that comes from this act creates purpose for me as I am able to support others, as well as myself, as I experience an abundance of gratitude as I give from my heart and soul.

My Kryptonite

My Kryptonite

My Kryptonite appears when I listen and agree with my Inner Critic that tells me that I ‘should’ help everyone I meet in order to be able to connect with them. The message I hear is that ‘if I don’t support everyone, I will not be loved’. If I am not mindful about when this voice begins to creep up in my head, I can quickly become disempowered as I retreat and disconnect with others and the world itself. On the other side of the Kryptonite coin, I can also agree with it and find myself helping everyone around me, except myself. Slowly, I reach helping overload and reach my emotional capacity and end up feeling disconnected from those I love.

Both my SuperPower and my Kryptonite stem from patterns created long ago; some that serve me well, and some that do not. In order for me to experience Connection and true meaning in my life most of the time, it is imperative that I slow down and choose to disagree with my Inner Critic in order to block my Kryptonite of over-helping and, ultimately, a feeling of disconnection.

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