Kelowna; Canada’s Best Kept Secret

View From My Balcony

View From My Balcony

I have lived in Canada most of my 54 years on this earth. I was born in Kingston, Ontario, other wise known to the locals as ‘K-Town’, a beautiful city that borders picturesquely on Lake Ontario and, whose residents proudly preserve it’s history and heritage. I became who I am today from the people I surrounded myself with and the experiences I moved through. I came to a point in my personal evolution that I felt it was time to move on in order to transition with ease through my next chapter.  As a result, last year, my husband and I decided to leave our roots in the east in order to fulfill our want for a change and to explore a different part of Canada. We were drawn to the opposite end of our country, and discovered a wondrous city in the west; Kelowna, British Columbia, ironically, also fondly referred to as ‘K-Town’.

The reason we chose Kelowna is the same as most who have moved here from far and wide  after their initial visit; it is Canada’s best kept secret and I am going to let you in on what it is.  If you have had the pleasure of visiting or living in this town, you would expect me to explain our attraction to this intriguing piece of the world as it is described in tourism sites such as Tourism Kelowna; the mountains, the trails, the golf courses, the weather, the wineries, the wildlife and the lakes. All of this was definitely our initial draw to this part of the world, until we took the time to pay this town a visit.

Here is the secret of why people are drawn to Kelowna BC;

“There is a magical energy that is exuded from the land and the people of this city.”

Because this almost indescribable feeling it is not tangible, I will do my best to explain the feeling that draws you into this mystical corner of Canada called The Okanagan. As you drive from Vancouver through the mountains on the infamous Coquihalla highway, you are welcomed with a calming energy surge that exceeds the stress release equivalent of the benefits of an hour massage. Yes, the scenery is absolutely unbelievable, but there is a wave of ecstasy that moves through you with an uncontrollable gentle force.

Those who live in this area are truly grateful for the tranquility, possibilities and lifestyle they so passionately preserve. The pace of this city is more at ease than any I have ever experienced; the majority of people actually stop and have a conversation with you because nothing is more important to them than showing up as human beings, as individuals who value love, acceptance, ease, peace and empowerment. I have stopped saying, “I need to go; I have so much to do”, because the Kelownites response to this is, “There is always tomorrow.”

There are, of course, those who take up the negative space that is necessary in all areas of the world in order to create the duality and balance of good and bad, and ultimately, gratitude for those who choose positivity. When I moved here, I made a conscious decision to ‘be’ a part of the contagious energy of the Okanagan which encompasses the love of humanity. I decided to ‘be’ open to the universe and all that Kelowna and it’s people had to offer. I took this a step further and found my Authentic tribe, BABES in Business, a group of people who believed in what I did, and opened their hearts to the possibilities that come from community, connection and collaboration. I sought them out, and intentionally, found and developed true and deep friendships.

What I have learned is that, no matter which “K-Town” you live in, the magical energy is waiting there for you to absorb. Sometimes, we don’t see the forest for the trees, and we become focused on the negativity of our roots. And that’s ok because, if open, it provides us with the need and want to find the secret spots and the extraordinary people in this world waiting anxiously for us to explore. I am grateful for both of the K-Towns in my life, past and present. Both have served their unique purpose in my life, and I am ready to find and to be open to all of the many secrets of the universe.

“What I know for sure is that a great secret is only left unknown if you leave it unexplored.”

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