From There To Here; Your Authentic Road Trip™, An Introduction


Just thinking about going ‘From There to Here’ can be extraordinarily daunting. It involves continual evolution that leads to great personal growth and wisdom, and usually involves an element of change; change of mindset, then change of being, and finally, change of doing. Change in any of these areas can be scary if we lack the self-confidence to move through the experience of them. And, self-confidence is difficult to develop if we are not open to change.  Understanding and accepting that you will experience a number of ‘From There to Heres’ in your lifetime is essential, and that can feel like an exhausting endeavour; many feel it is best to just stay where they are because, even though they are uncomfortable and unhappy, it is familiar to them and it feels easier than jumping into something unknown.

“Contemplate this truth today:
We must be willing to be uncomfortable for a while
if we wish to be released from whatever has bound us.”

(Type Seven EnneaThought for February 8th – the Enneagram, 361)

Recognizing that your Authentic Road Trip™ has a number of departures and destinations provides you with endless transformational opportunities to be the best you can be (most of the time) at each stage. It’s not about trying to be perfect because we all know how that works out!! However, it allows you the space to grow and understand ‘who’ you are, and where you are heading, and to show up as your best self within whatever that looks and feels like at the time. At the end of each mini trip, you gain more clarity about your inner being, and you become more decisive about your next steps. It’s like a book – there is a little story within each paragraph, and within each chapter, and when all the chapters are pulled together in succession, they make up the complete novel or story. In this case, your series of ‘From There To Heres’ create your Authentic Road Trip™, and more prevalent, you develop self-knowing, and that creates peace and a sense of comfortableness in order for you to confidently lead life from your Authentic self. It’s far less about ‘doing’ and much more about ‘being’. Once you commit to leading life from your truth, everything falls into place with ease.

Most are terrified to jump into their first ‘From There To Here’ because it requires a mindset change, and their perception is that, people in their life won’t like it. They think that within the course of their altered path, they will loose someone or something in the process. They may even believe that ‘getting rid’ of certain people and things in their life is a requirement somewhere along the way, and that is a scary thought; no one wants to loose who or what they love!!

The reality is that going ‘From There To Here’ has nothing to do with anything or anyone other than yourself. It is a trip that involves only you. It is not about changing others or abandoning spouses, partners or friendships. In fact, during the course of your trip, you will be encouraged to have faith in those you love and their ability to support your need to move forward and evolve. You may be surprised about how different your perception of what will happen is from what truly evolves.

So, how do you get From There To Here? How do you get through your Authentic Road Trip™ unscathed?

Your first step is finding clarity about what your ‘There’ is:

‘There’ is the place where you find yourself stuck; it is where you are right now!! Be prepared, you will experience many ‘Theres’ in your lifetime. It is less about being stuck in an unfulfilling career or an unhappy relationship, and more about how you are feeling within all of that; finding yourself stuck within a state of being that feels uncomfortable within what you are doing or who you are with. It is the discomfort of how you feel that you are wanting to either block or move away from. When you have clarity about what your ‘There’ is, you have started your Authentic Road Trip™”

Your second step is discovering what your ‘Here’ is; what is your destination?

Your ‘Here’ is the place where you would like to, eventually, land. It is a state of being that allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin, and it provides you with the ability to recalibrate in any given moment, no matter what the circumstance or whose presence you are in.

This involves extensive self-awareness and the willingness to be open to learning ‘who’ you are from the depths of your soul. This will provide you with the inner knowing of what your ‘Here’ is on this particular journey. When you know where you are heading, you can develop a plan.

Your third step is everything in between. How do you move forward out of your ‘There’ in order to get to your ‘Here’? This is the most difficult phase of your Authentic Road Trip™, but also, the most empowering. It involves courage and commitment to self-action. Once you jump into this transformational stage of using what you have learned and know about yourself, you will never look back; you will be changed in all aspects of how you think, how you show up, and what you do. Everything will feel right and in line with what you have always valued and believed, but now have clarity about. People around you will want what you have, a state of being that exudes a contagious energy that even the most talented authors have difficulty describing.

Going from ‘There to Here’ requires discovering, clarifying and understanding who you are as your best and authentic self, and then committing to showing up in the world as that unique individual while respecting and honouring the same in others. It is the work of Self-Discovery and Self-Action, and I am not going to lie, it requires tremendous courage and commitment, but most of all, it requires the belief  that we are all deserving of extensive Self-Love. Are you ready to embark on Your Authentic Road Trip™?

Do you dare to jump on board?

For a limited time, I am offering Your Authentic Road Trip™ as a FREE webinar offering, including a bonus package that includes free offerings from 3 of the most effective coaches  I have had the pleasure to work with. It begins February 17th so, take a look and jump on board if you dare……. much love, Diana xo

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