Daringly Mindful™ LifeStyle Plan


The reason you are living on this earth is to be healthy and happy. Now is the time for you to step up and be accountable for how you feel and show up  in the world.
Register with Diana Reyers, and discover how to eat, move, sleep and be happy by using practical tools and practices that move you towards being your best and whole self

The Daringly Mindful™ LifeStyle Plan provides you with practical tools to be decisive about what a balanced and authentic life looks like for you. It is a customized program that determines who you are and how you function as your best, unique and whole self with a simplified “less is more” philosophy. This mindset will allow you to lead your life with confidence, decisiveness and ease as you choose to wake up every day feeling rejuvenated and ready to live a full and happy life.

“I know that each of us  has the ability to show up in the world in a way that reflects what we, as individuals, truly value and feel”
~Diana Reyers

During your coaching sessions with Diana, you will receive an abundance of knowledge and daily lifestyle practices to choose from. You will have access to Diana and receive her support and guidance through email or phone throughout your customized program. The full customized program includes 4 main areas of your well being;

Happiness – ‘Who’ am I as my best, authentic self? What are my core values? How can I be self-confident and decisive? What is my passion? What is my purpose?
Quiet – How can I achieve mind-body balance? How much passive and active rest do I need? How do I slow my mind down?
Diet – What is the best food for me? When is the best time to eat? What ratio of types of food are good for me based on my Primal Pattern Type? What proportions of food will provide me with optimal energy and health?
Movement – What type of exercise is best for me? How much work-out (intense) exercise is best for me? How much work-in (quiet) exercise is best for me?

After you receive your Complimentary Health & LifeStyle Assessment, we will determine whether you and I are a good coaching fit and if so, which package you feel comfortable with.

You will receive:

  • Complimentary Conversation Strategy Session including
    Healthy & LifeStyle Assessment
  • Your choice of a 4  month, 3 month, 2 month or 1 month package;
  • Twice weekly 1-hour sessions;
  • Customized program;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Unlimited email support from your coach;
  • Comprehensive Authentic LifeStyle™ Plan Workbook
  • Personal Planning System™;
  • Customized homework and daily practices

My personal and professional guarantee:

“I believe that my programs provide results and that you will live a more vital and fulfilling life by shifting leading in line with your authentic and best self.
If you do not feel and see changes in your way of being
within the first month of your program,
I will void your contract, no questions asked;
you only pay for what you have received”
~ Diana Reyers

In order to feel whole, you must be whole. This requires a balanced lifestyle and an equally balanced state of being. This process supports you in finding clarity about how you want to show up in the world while moving towards emotional and physical wellness, and forward with individual purpose, passion and a balanced way of being:

 This Program is Offered In Person, Virtually or by Phone,
for individuals and groups in community or business.

Receive a Complimentary Conversation™ Strategy Session by contacting Diana at:

778 821-DARE (3273)