Daringly Mindful™ Purpose Plan


The 8 step Daringly Mindful™ Purpose Plan provides the tools to support you in understanding what you, uniquely, want and need given the physical and/or emotional adversity you are managing. As a result, you gain personal clarity in making daily decisions while moving towards what is comfortable and in line with who you are and what you are capable of achieving. This process provides you with the ability to find your purpose and feel confidently empowered to live and be, without the fear of judgment from yourself and others.

“I know that each of us has the ability to show up in the world in a way that reflects what we, as individuals, truly value and feel”
~Diana Reyers

The Daringly Mindful™ Purpose Process Includes the Following Steps:

1. Defining your Authentic or Best Self;
2. Establishing your 5 Core Values and how they provide guide posts in decision making;
3. Finding and leading your Life’s Intention with personal resilience;
4. Clarifying your Leadership Principles to maintain your foundational practices;
5. Creating your Life Vision and adapting to transition;
6. Determining Personal Daily Balance in relation to your values;
7. Setting Goals for your Best Self knowing that they can change from one day to the next;
8. Creating an Inner Development Plan that feels comfortable and provides you with ease and a community of support.

This program is offered Virtually or In Person, for Individuals or Groups within Community or Business.

My Personal and Professional Guarantee:

“I believe that my programs provide results and that you will live a more vital and fulfilling life by shifting to leading in line with your authentic and best self.
If you do not feel and see changes in your way of being
within the first month of your program,
I will void your contract, no questions asked;
you only pay for what you have received”
~ Diana Reyers

Receive a Complimentary Conversation™ Strategy Session by contacting Diana at:

778 821-DARE (3273)


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