The Vulnerability Challenge #1 #MeToo


Another addition originally posted on Instagram……

This is me sharing my #metoo story at the Nov’s #DareToShare. It took me 23 yrs; it has been buried deep within my soul. Back then, I was a day care teacher working in Kingston Ontario. I was an eager advocate of children, and it was an exciting time as I was 7 mnths pregnant with my 2nd child. Continue reading

The Vulnerability Challenge #2 Wisdom


I originally began #TheVulnerabilityChallenge on Instagram, but then shifted to my blog. So, now adding the first two missing here 🙂

I went for 2 walks in the forest today; the first one with Lucy and my daughter’s 2 dogs, Fiona and Bear who are visiting this week. The second walk was just me and Rodger who you see standing here. Rodger is a wise soul who lives way beyond his young age of turning 6 in January. He and I like to go out in the woods together sometimes without the distraction and chaos that is created by the others when they are all together. Honestly, we are both a bit introverted and enjoy time to reflect amidst the quiet of the trees. As we plodded along today, I began thinking about the next 30 days and all that I need to accomplish before my knee replacement on December 4th; among many other things, meal prep, Christmas decorating, gift buying and the shipping out of gifts to relatives far away.
Before heading out for our walk, I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with the lists that I was creating in my head. But, once I began moving along the path, listening to the rhythm of my steps, the left side of my brain calmed down and the right side kicked in; I felt a surge of ease come over me. I found myself noticing how carefree Rodger was as he moved from tree to tree smelling the scents other dogs had left behind, and then picking up his step and running every now and again. My mind began to wander away from what I needed to get done to snapping some pics of him and then having a conversation with a man named David I met on the path. Every now and again I went back to thinking about what lay ahead of me, and it occurred to me that this 30 day vulnerability challenge coincided exactly within the range of dates of my medical procedures; from Nov 4th when I began the challenge to Dec 4th when I will finish, I will be focusing on some health issues that have been pending for a while. How synchronistic that this is all taking place at the exact same time!! Thinking about this at one one point during my walk, I chuckled out loud, and Rodger stopped and looked up me as if he knew what I was thinking; how our lives have been filled with challenges, but that’s ok because those challenges have provided us both with gratitude and love of life.

The Vulnerability Challenge #8 Energy


I have spent the last 15 years dedicated to allowing how I feel to be my internal and external guide. In order for me to be able to honour what seems simple, “how I feel”, I have needed to trust that all will be ok, no matter the end result. After hundreds of Conversations™ surrounding authenticity, and speaking and being my truth, it all comes down to that one simple belief, “I trust how I feel”. Yesterday, while walking in the forest, I went on one of my deep and endless trains of thought surrounding Trust; “if only that one word could describe and inspire the lifeline to my soul …” Continue reading

The Vulnerability Challenge Day #7 Choice


This particular Vulnerability Challenge, the sharing of thoughts, feelings, beliefs surrounding an experience or topic, will be a tough one knowing the likely response I will receive from many readers. I will press the ‘publish’ button in trepidation while anticipating the onslaught of comments from those, passionately, wanting to prove me and my opinion wrong.  Continue reading

The Vulnerability Challenge Day #6 Feel Goods

fullsizeoutput_329dI met an amazing person yesterday while shopping for coffee of all things. It was a last minute stop after dropping my fur babies off at day care when a sudden want for a latte came upon me. Diana Eichler, owner and trainer at Wags in Parksville, had long ago told me about the cafe around the corner called Coyote’s Coffee. I was envisioning driving down the highway to Nanaimo to run some errands with a latte in my hand, and I also needed a pound of coffee for my French Press. So, I made what I thought would be a quick stop at the Coyote Coffee place seeking some java.

Little did I know that I would spend a good 30 minutes there after meeting Philip, coffee expert extraordinaire and the owner of this incredible establishment. Now keep in mind that I am used to walking into a grocery store or cafe, finding the coffee section and choosing a coffee brand and roast by reading the labels. I then move to the grinder, select the grind I think will work with my machine and complete the task. But, things were different yesterday as I ordered my latte, and then asked the barista if they sold coffee by the pound. The answer was “yes”, and out from the back room popped Philip!!

He took me to a section in the cafe that displayed all the coffees he had to offer. They were from a variety of countries, all ethically sourced, and he explained how each was picked, prepared and roasted, and why they were processed the way they were. Once I chose the coffee I wanted to purchase based on the information he shared with me, he took me back to the roasters to show me the equipment he used and gave me a step by step account of what the coffee went through to get to the shelf at the front of the store.

I bought 2 pounds of coffee and a latte to go, and I have to say, I left with an incredible  “feel good”. I was definitely sold on the coffee, and it really is the best tasting coffee I have ever had, but there is no doubt that it was Philip who sold me on this liquid gold!!! From the moment he spoke, I was enthralled with his passion of work and his eagerness to share all he knew about coffee, his process, and his dedication to provide the best customer service he was able to give.

Honestly, I would have bought anything Philip suggested to me because he got me at ‘hello’ as he showed up with honesty, integrity, knowledge and a feeling of truly caring about meeting my needs as his customer. I so value all of these attributes, and I am adamant about supporting local entrepreneurs like Philip and businesses like Coyote’s Coffee because they work tirelessly for our community.

Tomorrow is a day to look forward to as I have a Parksville run to do; thinking I might need another latte created at Coyote’s Coffee 🙂


The Vulnerability Challenge Day #5 Chasing Chipmunks


Chasing Chipmunks

Trudging through the forest with a need to forge ahead,
The damp, the moss and soil, create open primal surges.
At first it’s cold, but then ignored, alive opposed to dead,
The reminder is a shiver as uncomfortableness emerges. Continue reading

The Vulnerability Challenge Day #4 Trepidation

fullsizeoutput_328fToday was a day of organizing and preparing for my upcoming surgery on December 4th. I didn’t expect having a knee replacement 20 days before Christmas, but just days ago I was presented with the date, and I decided to accept it given the alternative of waiting for another year. The long wait presents a fear in me as I am currently at risk for a heart attack or stroke due to the medication I have been taking for 12 years to manage the pain I experience from the joint deterioration caused by my Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Continue reading

The Vulnerability Challenge Day #3 Control


After posting The Vulnerability Challenge Day #1 and #2 directly on Instagram, I am now choosing to use my blog to post the remainder of my 30 Day Vulnerability Challenge because, as a writer, the phone and thumb technique just wasn’t feeding my creative juices; it took way too much to focus on coordinating it all – reflecting, thinking, typing, etc., and all with a small screen and key pad. So, I am writing here, and sharing it on Instagram and FaceBook 🙂

Tonight, I watched the movie “To The Bone” It’s a story about a young woman managing anorexia, along with a dysfunctional family and her battles with not fitting into expected normalcy. Her struggles are, of course, not related to the want to be thin, but rather the need to control, and ultimately, block the emotions she fears admitting having.

Continue reading

How To Honour Yourself Through Forgiveness


It has been a while since I wrote a blog post, and today felt right to write!!

I’m not a big fan of sharing quotes because I know that they can create expectations for the reader to live up to the message, and they might not be ready given their circumstances or where they are within whatever their journey is. This little bundle of words resonates with me, and has supported me from time to time so, just throwing it out there should someone be able to use it to move forward from feeling hurt or deceived. If you’re not ready yet, I understand, and I encourage you to experience your anger and feelings of rejection before, even thinking of, offering forgiveness of any kind. Continue reading

From There To Here; Your Authentic Road Trip™, An Introduction


Just thinking about going ‘From There to Here’ can be extraordinarily daunting. It involves continual evolution that leads to great personal growth and wisdom, and usually involves an element of change; change of mindset, then change of being, and finally, change of doing. Change in any of these areas can be scary if we lack the self-confidence to move through the experience of them. And, self-confidence is difficult to develop if we are not open to change.  Understanding and accepting that you will experience a number of ‘From There to Heres’ in your lifetime is essential, and that can feel like an exhausting endeavour; many feel it is best to just stay where they are because, even though they are uncomfortable and unhappy, it is familiar to them and it feels easier than jumping into something unknown.

“Contemplate this truth today:
We must be willing to be uncomfortable for a while
if we wish to be released from whatever has bound us.”

(Type Seven EnneaThought for February 8th – the Enneagram, 361)

Recognizing that your Authentic Road Trip™ has a number of departures and destinations provides you with endless transformational opportunities to be the best you can be (most of the time) at each stage. It’s not about trying to be perfect because we all know how that works out!! However, it allows you the space to grow and understand ‘who’ you are, and where you are heading, and to show up as your best self within whatever that looks and feels like at the time. At the end of each mini trip, you gain more clarity about your inner being, and you become more decisive about your next steps. It’s like a book – there is a little story within each paragraph, and within each chapter, and when all the chapters are pulled together in succession, they make up the complete novel or story. In this case, your series of ‘From There To Heres’ create your Authentic Road Trip™, and more prevalent, you develop self-knowing, and that creates peace and a sense of comfortableness in order for you to confidently lead life from your Authentic self. It’s far less about ‘doing’ and much more about ‘being’. Once you commit to leading life from your truth, everything falls into place with ease. Continue reading