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About Daringly Mindful™ Hiking:

Daringly Mindful™ Hiking was inspired due to my yearning to explore Okanagan trails and experience the free flow mindset that is created while moving through nature with others.

I have been hiking for years beginning long ago with my husband, children and one of our many dogs back home in Ontario. I have also developed deep relationships with friends while walking, talking and hiking through acres of woods and beautiful conservation areas surrounding our hometown. While climbing up and down trails, that feeling of connection that develops while travelling in step with others, is truly magical.

My intention is to create this feeling with a like-minded group of individuals in my new hometown here in the Okanagan. Creating space to nourish your body and soul is the gift you will be giving yourself.

Hikes will be planned as on schedule links below; the starting time may change depending on travel time and weather/temperature. For all hikes, please RSVP by the evening prior to the scheduled hike by 9 pm on our Daringly Mindful Hiking Meetup.com. Also, check for cancellations on Daringly Mindful Hiking Meetup.com  Our hiking routes will range from moderate to difficult and from 1.5 to 4 hours in length. This group welcomes women and men aged 18+ and dogs who are people and dog friendly. Please note where dogs are allowed and required to be on a leash.

There will never be an expectation to commit to every hike!!  When you participate, you will move through each trail at your own pace; know that there will be many levels of hikers in our group so, there will surely be someone to accompany you. If there is ever a time whereby only two hikers show up for a hike, it is respectful to hike at a pace that is comfortable for both; this way you can keep each other company and ensure safety by sticking together 🙂

This is an opportunity for you to experience hiking and camaraderie with the added bonus of nourishing your body and mind with movement, friendship and ease. Come when you can, and enjoy whatever time you feel you can fit into your life. Please RSVP for all hikes on our Daringly Mindful Hiking Meetup.com site ~ Diana Reyers

Guidelines and Tips – No matter what your level, following are some requested guidelines and recommended tips:

  1. To create and maintain a hiking fitness level appropriate to the hikes you choose, begin a daily walking program (15 to 30 minutes) in your neighbourhood to provide yourself with a little conditioning and more physical ease during our hikes; adding a few hills will be helpful;
  2. For your safety and comfort, wear appropriate clothing and shoes on the hikes; a running shoe for flat hikes, a running trail shoe or a hiking shoe for anything from moderate to very difficult;
  3. Wear sunscreen, a hat and protective clothing; the sun can be hotter than you think;
  4. No matter what level of hike, the use of hiking poles can be helpful especially if you have knee or back issues, or if you are on a difficult trail for support, no matter your fitness level;
  5. Bring lots of water; it is truly your best friend;
  6. Bring a carrying bag or small back pack of some sort to store your water, extra clothing, food and snacks, sunscreen, etc. Please don’t rely on others to carry your items;
  7. Take note of start times, hike durations and meeting spots designated on each posted hike. Please, don’t assume we are meeting at the main parking lot of parks – read and follow the meetup.com directions to get to your hike (we often go to obscure trailheads to begin our hikes); we will wait 5 minutes after the posted start time, and will then begin our hike. If you are late, and we are gone, please do not start the hike on your own as you may get lost; go for a coffee instead, and meet us on another hike/day;
  8. During our hikes, please turn your cell phone sound off; cells phones are encouraged for photos and emergency calls if needed. However, we discourage business or personal calls/texts during the hike as they interrupt the peaceful energy of the hike and disrupt conversation and connection with hikers.
  9. All hikers are required to RSVP on our meetup.com; if you do not, we will assume you are not coming; if no one RSVPs, Diana may choose to do something else that day:)
  10. We encourage you to bring your dog where allowed; please ensure that s/he is both people and dog friendly!!!

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We are now charging a nominal fee of $2 per hike per person to cover the administration cost of the Meetup.com where all RSVPs must be completed. All payments are appreciated in cash at the beginning of the meet up.

Hike cancellations will be posted under comments on the meetup.com hike post, and will occur only if the weather indicates necessity; note that we do hike in the rain 🙂 Since individual hike payments will be made at the start of each hike, no refunds will be necessary if the hike is cancelled as no payment will have been taken.

Please note the following and choose your hiking experiences accordingly:

Empowerment HikeSign up/RSVP for this hike on our Daringly Mindful Hiking Meetup.com site by the evening before by 9 pm. This hike is about stepping a wee bit out of your comfort zone in order to create some challenge during your hike; quicken your pace a bit and see out it feels. This is for those who want a workout and will accommodate any hiker’s level depending on your pace. The average time to complete this hike is 60 to 90 minutes, however, it can take shorter or longer depending on your fitness level or how you feel that day and what your intention is for the hike.

Connection Hike -Sign up/RSVP for this hike on our Daringly Mindful Hiking Meetup.com site by the evening before by 9 pm. Except for the last Sunday of every month, these hikes are dedicated to various trails throughout the Okanagan. These hikes will range from 2 to 4 hours, and will be rated difficult to very difficult. Again, your pace will determine how much time you spend on the trail. One of our intentions is to advocate physical fitness, but first and foremost, we are inspiring personal and social connection within nature so, don’t worry about your level or being left behind as no one will ever hike alone.

Sunday Serenity HikeSign up/RSVP for this hike on our Daringly Mindful Hiking Meetup.com by Saturday evening at 9 pm. The last Sunday of every month is dedicated to a Flat Trail. This hike was created for those who enjoy a leisurely hike in order to slow down, take in the scenery and “smell the roses.” If you like, bring your camera and grab some great shots as we explore less strenuous trails in the Kelowna area.

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Hiking Safety and Guidelines; check out these links in regards to hiking safety:

Hiking and Outdoor Safety

Bear Safety