“I have had the pleasure of knowing Diana Reyers since 2010 and have been consistently impressed by her ability to create a safe, compassionate space for individuals to become authentic leaders. Diana is a Certified Authentic Leadership Conversation™ Facilitator. In addition to her ability to facilitate these conversations and workshops, Diana is a leader within our global facilitator community. She is successfully delivering Authentic Leadership programs to clients within an organizational context – for entrepreneurs, as well as within the community of Kingston, Ontario – ranging from groups of women and teens, to co-ed participants as well. Diana continues to inspire me as she is able to bridge the strategic thinking required for growing a successful business, to her excellence in implementation as she continues to evolve her offerings. If you want to transform your life or your leadership, Diana is an excellent guide.” ~ Tana Heminsley, CEO and Founder, Authentic Leadership Global, Inc.

“Diana has helped me regain direction in my life by guiding me to redefine what’s important to me and getting back to who I really am. I wouldn’t be in the place I am today if it wasn’t for her compassion and understanding, and even more, her taking the journey with me. She has an incredible gift of always being positive and showing me that I have the power within to make the necessary changes – which aren’t always obvious, until she shows me just how easy it really is.Because of Diana I see my world and live my life in a positive and constructive way. I am blessed and truly am happy every day.” ~ Ola Munia of True You Image Consulting

“Diana is the most wonderful woman I have ever met. She has helped me find my own direction to move forward, showing me that I don’t have to be anyone else but myself. She taught me that it’s important to stand on my own two feet. She has made me find the real woman that I am. I am a totally different person today and that’s all thanks to Diana. Even I can see the change in myself and I look forward to what’s going to happen in my future.”
~ Fran Webb, Scotland (via Skype)

“I began Diana’s workshops with some fear and trepidation as to what may arise in me. Week by week, I felt more at ease, more truthful to myself, more authentic. Diana has a wonderful ability to allow you to bring clarity into your life, to look at all situations, good and bad, with honesty and love”. ~ Alyson

“I went through life walking along the pathways, stumbling on rocks and carrying some of that weight with me. Meeting Diana Reyers made me see life with other eyes; select the rocks I wanted to carry and discard the ones that didn’t have any use to me. Life is simple, beautiful and more free now.” ~ Babi

“Diana has been my life coach and my vehicle to understanding myself and recognizing who I am and ultimately, what makes me happy. For me, the classes with Diana have given me the empowerment of awareness, self discovery and confidence. Like Oprah’s Life Class, Diana Reyers will inspire you to be the best you can be. This just might be the best thing you ever did for yourself!” ~ Heather

“I like Diana’s authenticity conversations b/c they simplified everything. All of those overwhelming thoughts got organized so perfectly that all the confusion became clear. And the neat thing is it sort of happens unconsciously after you identify your values. Everything comes from these values.” ~ Anonymous

“Thank you again for such an amazing experience in your class. I absolutely loved it! You definitely have an amazing talent for life coaching and grabbing our attention with your interesting writing. You are such a confident and accomplished woman and I strive to be more like you, while still being my authentic self of course”. ~ Anonymous

“To my instructor, Diana Reyers, “You inspire me to keep growing and go forward to be the best I can be. Just travelling forward, riding the wave to more peace and happiness. Not wanting our meeting time to end, finding peace and knowledge here.” Thank you”. Love, Penny G.

“I wish I was able to tell you exactly how much you changed my life over the last 10 weeks, but I simply can’t put it into words. All I can really say is thankyou so much for everything, and I wanted to let you know in more than just an email. I found this course so interesting and I will be the first to sign up next time. I will always keep you in mind for any hard times I go through” Thank you so much, Rachael xoxo

My Personal and Professional Guarantee:

“I believe that my programs provide results and that you will live a more vital and fulfilling life by shifting to an authentic and holistic lifestyle.
If you do not feel and see changes in your way of being
within the first month of your program,
I will void your contract, no questions asked;
you only pay for what you have received”
~ Diana Reyers

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