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 Excerpt from Diana’s “Connecting Through Authentic Transition” talk

“Connections come from opening the very core of our being to those who pass through our lives. The key to true personal connection begins by discovering who we are as Authentic individuals. With this self-clarity, we have the ability and choice to confidently share our selves through loving kindness and universal energy. Transition can be daunting, but through the magic of connection it moves us from fear and chaos to empowerment and ease, From There to Here™”

In 2005 Diana was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease that moved her towards changing her way of being forever. At the time, she felt like she had lost control of herself and her life plan.  It didn’t take her long to realize that she had the choice to re-write her life story in order to be physically and emotionally healthy and find joy and fulfillment within her new normal.

Diana has always been driven by a yearning to be healthy and whole. She became a fitness instructor at the age of 22 and was an avid runner and biker. She ate, what she thought, was healthy, nutritious food. She had a busy lifestyle filled with fun and adventure. Diana worked hard and played hard, and her enthusiasm was, and still is, contagious. 

Having grown up in a society and family of dieters, she fed into the low fat craze of the 80’s and worked out tirelessly while maintaining her ‘ideal’ weight and better than average fitness level. Little did she know that in her quest to be healthy, the combination of her type A personality, food choices and excessive exercise did not serve her well. Diana now knows that this nutritional deprivation and adrenaline charged life she lead was taxing on her immune system, and lead her to eventual ill-health; she felt emotionally and physically broken.

At the age of 45, Diana was at beyond full capacity and her mind and body could not keep up any longer. Exhausted and emotionally, physically and spiritually out of balance, she felt like she had no control and that her disease was what defined her. She discovered that things can change in a moment and that, in the end, we are all accountable for ourselves, our health and how we show up in the world. After much inner work, Diana learned that she had more choices than she thought, and if she had clarity about who she was as her authentic self, she could choose to connect with and be her best self most of the time.

“I know that each of us has the ability to show up in the world in a way that reflects what we, as individuals, truly value and feel”
~Diana Reyers

When we reach full emotional and physical capacity, tragedy and trauma often shifts us towards finally being and doing what serves us well; we have no choice and we are pushed to either make a change or sit within the adversity. It is Diana’s philosophy that if we consistently move past our fear of self-discovery as it shows up, we can connect with ourselves and move through transition with ease. If we choose to live in line with who we are as our best selves, we have the ability to personally evolve and prevent ill health, imbalance and inner turmoil while maintaining health, wellness, peace and ease.

As a storyteller, Diana is skilled in communicating what leading Authentically is for her, and how discovering your authentic way of being will provide you with clarity about how you want to move forward in your life, emotionally, physically and spiritually in all areas of your life. Diana believes in the power of mentorship and having faith in others’ personal competencies, their unique wants and needs, void of societal expectations. But, most of all, she knows that human connection is contagious and powerful, and it provides support in the most quiet and profound of ways.

Diana’s pragmatic, compassionate and humorous approach to sharing her thoughts, experiences and how she feels takes her audience away from the pressure of societal and familial expectations, and moves them towards feeling confident in determining what is right for them without the fear of judgement or the feeling of defeat. By sharing her stories, successes and setbacks, Diana provides proof that anyone has the ability to choose to move towards whatever their best self is within what they are experiencing and, ultimately, decide how they would like to show up and connect with the world within the speed of their life. 

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