Workshop 7

April 10

9 − 9:30 Connecting and Settling In

9:30 − 11:30 Session 1
‘Moving Towards Your Authentic Vision’
with Diana Reyers;

Diana Reyers, Authenticity Coach

Diana Reyers,
Authenticity Coach

In this session you will;
Describe what you value, ‘who’ you are, and where you would like to take this unique being; Where Is She Heading?
· Reflect on your discovered best and authentic self within your optimal life; What Does She Look Like?
· Create a collage representing your process from inauthenticity to showing up as your Authentic self; How Does She Feel?

11:30 − 12:30 Lunch ~ BYOL or Explore Downtown Restaurants

12:30 − 1:30 Bonus Session

1:30 − 3:30 Session 2
‘Expression Through Self-Love’
with Kasia Rachfall;

Kasia Rachfall, Intuitive Artist

Kasia Rachfall,
Intuitive Artist

In this session you will; 
· Expand your ability to Love Yourself More, not less, especially whenever you are unclear, unfocused, or otherwise reacting to the adversity in life;
· Release Any Anger, Sadness, Fear, Or Guilt your body is holding that is preventing you from moving forward in life;
· Create a practical and simple tool to help you Stay On Track In Self Love and authenticity each day as you navigate life.

3:30 − 4:00 Final Connection and Farewell