From There To Here; Discover Your Authentic Road Trip™



Diana Reyers, CEO Daringly Mindful™, Authenticity Coach, Writer & Storyteller

From There To Here; Discover Your Authentic Road Trip™

Do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable in a relationship,
in a conversation, in an experience?
Do you blame others for your unhappiness, or find yourself defending what you say or do?
Do you find yourself stuck and wanting to run away?
What if the answer isn’t to give up and leave, but instead, to discover who you are as your best self in order to become more decisive in the moment,
within adversity or transition with confidence and ease?

What if the change is within you?

Discover what your  Authentic Road Trip™ looks and feels like for you!!

This offer includes:

~ 8 Weekly, Face to Face Virtual Authentic Leadership Global Conversations™;
~ 8 Authentic Leadership Global Conversation™ Worksheets;
~ 8 Weekly Practices & Tools Based on Individual Self-Discovery and Self-Action;
~ Self-Discovery, Clarity and Decisiveness About How You Want to Show up in the World

“I believe that each of us has the ability to show up in the world in a way
that reflects what we, as individuals, truly value, believe and feel
in order to live with clarity, peace and ease.
I believe that we all deserve to experience our personal
Authentic Road Trip”
~ Diana Reyers

The 8 step Daringly Mindful™ Authentic Road Trip™ is a live virtual  webinar series of Authentic Leadership Conversations™ that supports individuals in discovering who you are as your best self, and how to show up as that unique person with confidence and ease. It is a process that offers practical and pragmatic tools that support you in gaining personal clarity in daily decision-making while moving towards what is comfortable and in line with who you are and what you want and are capable of achieving.

Hundreds before you have chosen to move From There To Here!!
Are you ready to begin your Authentic Road Trip?

1. Defining Authenticity; How My Core Values Serve As Guideposts;
2. Discovering my Best Self; How I Can Shift Towards My Best Self;
3. Recognizing my Inner Critic; How I can Manage Her/Him;
4. Discovering my Purpose; What am I Intended for in this Life;

5. Creating my Leadership Principles; How do I Translate all this into Daily Living;
6. Establishing Balance; What Does my Unique Balanced State Of Being Look & Feel Like;
7. Envisioning My Way Of Being; How Do I Want To Show Up In The World;
8. Creating my Inner Development Plan; What are my Customized Goals; Who is Part of my Community of Support and How do I Put This All Into Practice

In your home or office; all you need is your computer!!

To discover if this program is a good fit for you, contact Diana:
778 821-DARE (3273)

The Authentic Road Trip™ program is currently offered 1:1 and virtually on either Skype or Face Time