Authentic Road Trip™ for Teen Women

This program was created and designed to offer Authentic and Mindful support
to young women, age 14 to 18,  yearning for a different way of
showing up in the world.
Within a confidential and trusting environment, Diana incorporates
Compassion, Conversation™ and Creativity
into her impactful and life changing 8 week process for teen women

Daringly Mindful™ Diana grabbed her courage and pulled on her inner strength. She began asking herself the hard questions. Diana faced her fears by answering them honestly one by one.  She discovered her true self for the very first time… Vulnerability

Grab your courage and pull on your inner strength!                  How would it be to start asking yourself the hard questions, and answer them honestly one by one?                    Let’s celebrate and show up with a feeling of                          Vulnerability

No matter what age, you deserve the support you need
in order to gain clarity about ‘who’ you truly are,
and to then move confidently towards that unique individual hiding inside of you

We provide the tools to support you in understanding
how you want to show up in the world as a healthy individual,
filled with vitality and love of life.
We believe that you can be happy and achieve the energy you need
to be well in every area of your authentic self and step into your power

Your Daringly Mindful™ Authentic Road Trip Includes the Following Steps:

1. Defining Authenticity; How My Core Values Serve As Guideposts In Decision Making;
2. Discovering my Best Self; How I Can Shift Towards My Best Self In The Moment;
3. Recognizing my Inner Critic; How I can Manage Her When I See Her Coming;
4. Creating Boundaries; How To Break Patterns That Don’t Serve Me Well;
5. Being Present; How To Listen And Respond To My 3 Centres Of Intelligence;
6. Establishing Balance; How To Create A Balanced State Of Being;
7. Envisioning My Authentic Way Of Being; How To Find Clarity Through Creativity;
Featuring guest facilitator and artist, Kasia Rachfall
8. Committing To Living My Unique and Authentic Life; How To Lead From My Authentic Self With Confidence And Ease

This program is offered Virtually or In Person, for Individuals or Groups within the Community.

Next group session will be offered Virtually via WebEx:
Date: Tuesday evenings beginning April 14 to June 2, 2015 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Location: In you own personal space, virtually via WebEx (free download)
For more info, call or email Diana at 778 821-DARE (3273) or

All worksheets are included in your personal investment of $45 per Conversation or $340 + GST for full program. Choose the ones that resonate with you or commit to all 8.

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My Personal and Professional Guarantee:

“I believe that my programs provide results and that you will live a more vital and fulfilling life by shifting to leading in line with your authentic and best self.
If you do not feel and see changes in your way of being
within the first month of your program,
I will void your contract, no questions asked;
you only pay for what you have received”
~ Diana Reyers

Receive a Complimentary Conversation™ Strategy Session
by contacting Diana at:
778 821-DARE (3273)