VIP Workshop 9


Register for the full series by August 31st,
and experience a Bonus VIP Day with all of these extraordinary coaches;
all 8 Daringly Mindful Women in one room with 14 VIP members…

8 Daringly Mindful Women

8 Daringly Mindful Women

Let me guess… you want to show up as your best self in life.
You may have read the books, participated in various events,
and you know all the personal development lingo.
You just want the changes you desperately seek to STICK and
to create lasting change in your life.

You feel it’s time to show up and be unapologetically you and THRIVE as yourself.
If this is you, we would love to invite you as our VIP guest.
Attend all the workshops presented by Progressive, Authentic Leaders who will support you to be your best self in all aspects of your life.

As a special treat for our VIP guests, we will be hosting an exclusive VIP day,
where you will experience intimate support.
All the leaders will be there to collaborate as we support and coach you to apply all you have learned over the past 8 months.

This will provide an opportunity for questions, trouble shooting,
and support as you work through creating lasting changes in your life.
So you can be your best self!

You will receive:
– Your pick of a variety of workshops with our specialists offered throughout the day;
– Time for 1:1 coaching for specific and individual support you are seeking;
– A group celebration, honouring your 8 month Authentic Road Trip.

VIP coaching days with all 8 leaders from various industries are valued at $899.
However, we are hosting this EXCLUSIVE DAY as a gift for our VIP guests.
When you register as a VIP, you will receive this as a GIFT,
a savings of $899!!!!

Now is the time to grab your courage…