Workshop 3

November 15

9 − 9:30 Connect & Settle In

9:30 − 11:30 Session 1
‘Befriending My Inner Critic’
with Diana Reyers;

Diana Reyers, Authenticity Coach

Diana Reyers,
Authenticity Coach

In this session you will;
· Find clarity about where your Inner Critic comes from;
· Learn how to determine whether or not her Messages are True or Not;
· Discover that your Inner Critic can be a part of you without controlling your choices; She Can Be Your Friend.

11:30 − 12:30 Lunch ~ BYOL or Explore Downtown Restaurants

12:30 − 1:30 Bonus Session

1:30 − 3:30 Session 2
‘Unleashing My Authentic Style’
with Leslie Davies;

Leslie Davies, Image Consultant

Leslie Davies, Image Consultant

Unleashing Your Inner Style will help you;
· Explore and Create your unique Style Recipe; an exclusive road-map to expressing your authentic style;
· Discover how to express your authentic essence through how you look and dress;
· Develop laser-beam focus when shopping for new items, eliminating wasted money on items you don’t feel great wearing!
·Unleash renewed confidence and feel GREAT everyday!

3:30 − 4:00 Final Connection and Farewell