Workshop 5

February 21

9 − 9:30 Connect & Settle In

9:30 − 11:30 Session 1
‘Creating Compassionate Boundaries’
with Diana Reyers;

Diana Reyers, Authenticity Coach

Diana Reyers,
Authenticity Coach

In this session you will;
· Determine what/who you need to Create Boundaries around;
· Discover how to Practice Boundaries through love and compassion;
· Begin Creating Shifts in your being in order to lead and live inline with your Best Self most of the time.

11:30 − 12:30 Lunch ~ BYOL or Explore Downtown Restaurants

12:30 − 1:30 Bonus Session

1:30 − 3:30 Session 2
‘Shine Without Apology’
with Pamela Lynch;

Pamela Lynch, Law of Attraction Coach

Pamela Lynch, Law of Attraction Coach

In this session you will;
· Learn how to listen to your Inner Voice to shift your language from Lack to Love;
· Discover techniques to value yourself at your deepest level and the Boundaries YOU Create;
· Learn simple strategies to shine your light during moments when your Boundaries are being threatened, and make No Apology for Speaking Your Truth with compassion for all.

3:30 − 4:00 Final Connection and Farewell