Workshop 6

March 13

9 − 9:30 Connect & Settle In

9:30 − 11:30 Session 1
‘Practicing Pragmatic Presence’
with Joy Kingsborough

Joy Kingsborough, Mindfulness Coach

In this session you will;
· Become aware of the ability to Feel when something in your world is not in line with your values;
· Determine what Emotions are ignited when you are moving away from showing up as your best self;
· Discover how to Slow Yourself Down in order to be present any time, any where.

11:30 − 12:30 Lunch ~ BYOL or Explore Downtown Restaurants

12:30 − 1:30 Bonus Session

1:30 − 3:30 Session 2
‘Unwrapping The Gift of Presence’
with Laurie Bartley

Laurie Bartley, Life Energy Coach

Laurie Bartley, Life Energy Coach

In this session you will;
· Experience the PEACE that comes from attuning to the present moment;
· Create the FREEDOM of releasing what no longer benefits you;
· Discover the CONFIDENCE to revisit and deepen your experience in the future at any time of your choosing.

3:30 − 4:00 Final Connection and Farewell