Workshop 8

May 15

9 − 9:30 Connect & Settle In

9:30 − 11:30 Session 1
‘Time to Walk my Talk’
with Joy Kingsborough;

Joy Kingsborough, Mindfulness Coach

In this session you will;
· Articulate your Core Values, who you are as your Best Self, and what your Inner Critic is telling you;
· Describe how you are able to choose how to Balance Yourself from within by implementing Customized & Compassionate Boundaries around who and what doesn’t serve you well;
· Create Clarity around how to ‘Be’ Decisively Present within the Speed of Life while leading and living in line with your Authentic self .

11:30 − 12:30 Lunch ~ BYOL or Explore Downtown Restaurants

12:30 − 1:30 Bonus Session

1:30 − 3:30 Session 2
‘The Transformation Begins With You’
with Tania Gustafson;



Transformation Always Begins With You” with Tania Gustafson

In this session you will;
· Discover that It’s Not Just About You;
· Learn how to gain Results with one percent;
· Gain back Body Confidence and Love Living Your Life.

3:30 − 4:00 Final Connection and Farewell